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Facebook Introduces Call-to-Action Button for Pages

Worlds No. 1 Social Networking website Facebook.com  introduces Call-to-Action Button for Facebook, Recently Facebook Launched & introduces Call-to-Action Button for Facebook Pages which will really gonna Help the Business Pages & all The Pages Admin to Reach more their Audience Promote their Services & Products via Simple Call-to-Action Button on Facebook pages.

The  Call-to-Action is placed just beside the LIKE Button of Facebook Pages on the Cover Photo, Where the User can just visit your Store, video, product, website by clicking on the button. But before that if you are admin of any facebook Pages or have any Business you have to just follow simple steps as follows:-

  • Go to Facebook page Profile on Cover Photo you will find Create Call-to-Action Button as shown in Below picture.
  • now just click on the button & create any thing with that button like any Video link, Website Link, android or ios app link, Shop Button link, Sign up- link.
  • After creating the links successfully the user who will visit the Facebook Page can go to the link directly via this button. the Call-to-Action button redirects you to where the link you have provided.
  • That’s it you’re done !!!
  • For Example Check https://www.facebook.com/TheEngineersCorner  
Create Call-to-Action Button on Facebook page Cover Photo
Create Call-to-Action Button on Facebook page Cover Photo


The Below picture is an Example when you click on the Create Call-to-Action Button on Facebook, How the Next Page will appear & How it actually Works. This Button is gonna make an add-on for the Facebook Business Page & also any Personal Page for Promotion & marketing Purposes.

List of Links to Create with call-to-Action Button on facebook
List of Links to Create with call-to-Action Button on facebook

This is all about  “Facebook Introduces Call-to-Action Button for Pages”.
If you have any query/doubt or any type of difficulty let me know in comments below

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