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How to Charter a Long Term Career in the Outsourcing Industry ?

How to Charter a Long Term Career in the Outsourcing Industry?

Each of us wishes to get promoted at work. Whether you are in an automobile industry, media, IT etc., all us try our best to get a better designation with a better salary package. In the BPO industry too, the story is same as others. Everyone is working hard to get promoted. But to get a good promotion is not that easy.

One of the most prevalent myths that have existed for a long period of time now is about the limited exposure and growth potential that the BPO industry offers. However, this is just a myth and not the reality. When you apply to the right places and work with the required dedication and efforts, you can quickly climb up the hierarchical ladder, go beyond the mundane work and handle teams, grab onshore opportunities and earn a huge sum of money.  Besides, BPO industry is one of the few which develops the personality and professional aura of the individual in a way like no another industry does. Whether it is superlative communication skills, or technical acumen, the BPO industry help you become a person that transcends industries across India and overseas.

There are several factors on which your promotion depends. Let’s discuss about few of them that can help you to get better promotion this time in a BPO.


Everyone in the BPO wants to get promoted but very few of them believe themselves. Always keep in mind one thing that if you fail to believe in yourself, nobody else will. Trust and believe your system, your team and the organization. Be confident while any panel interview as they can easily make out if you are faking. If you doubt yourself then definitely the interviewer or panelist will doubt you too.


Committed and hard-working employees are always noticed and appreciated by the management. If you work without thinking what you will get back in return, then for sure you will get success. Moreover, you need to play well here. Earn trust of the management by showing determination and accepting challenges. Work overtime if needed to complete your project and let yourself visible in engagement activities. Consider all your hard work as an investment and wait for the benefits.


To have a good attitude is very much important. You have to keep a good attitude in learning and listening things at work. You also have to emanate a positive environment and always be ready for anything, i.e., you must have an ‘I can do it’ attitude. Show this positive attitude for work to your superiors while passing your scorecards. You can get a better promotion only when your team lead or manager speaks highly of you. After all, on their recommendations only everything depends.  Apart from seniors, it is essential that you maintain a healthy relationship with your co-workers and juniors. Management sharply notices your behavior, i.e, how you handle any change in the system or criticism.


No matter what the circumstances come, you have to love what you do. This attitude at workplace will help you to achieve success. And, if you are not excited and do not have this mindset then ultimately you are going to be drained out. Don’t blame others and come out of any issue by giving excuses. Be excited and grab each opportunity coming your way. Management will positively notice the difference in you.


If you do not have desire, you will always be among those average performers with an average hike. Desire more and be desperate to achieve your goals. This can help you to rise high and achieve your ultimate goal in life.  The important thing in the BPO business is to have the passion. If you show good drive and determination to do something in the best way possible than it will automatically reflect in your performance. With passionate emotions, the feeling of competitiveness comes automatically and with competitive bent of mind you are able to make yourself stand out of the crowd which is quite important if you are looking for long term success in this field.


Distractions always come in between but those who are focused and attentive, none of these distractions can ever stop them. You have to put your efforts as much as you can and finish up all your work before deadline. Try to learn new things and be the leader.

Those who have interest in applying to information technology professional jobs, can also look at the Outsourcing industry as it has plenty of geek-flavored jobs such as game testing, software testing, technical support amongst others. There is no reason why one shouldn’t look at the outsourcing industry as one for long term. The career opportunities are virtually endless and chances of getting promoted to better paychecks and positions are as good as any other industry.

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