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Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error

Microsoft Visual C++ is a product from Microsoft for the C, C++ and C++/CLI Programming languages.It features tools for developing and debugging C++ code, specially code written for the Microsoft windows API, the DirectX API and the Microsoft .NET Framework. Many applications require redistributable visual C++ packages to function correctly.

The most common error of all is the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime error.


You can solve in two ways-

1.You can update/reinstall you Microsoft Visual C++ package manually or let windows notify you when an update will be available. You can download it from the link provided below –


2.  You can also solve it using cmd.

.  first, go to start > all programs > search cmd > run as administrator.


.  Then type “bcdedit.exe /set IncreaseUserVA 2800” or “bcdedit.exe /set IncreaseUserVA 280”


U’ll get a message that your action has been confirmed. Close it and restart your pc for the effect to take place.

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