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Pros of Studying Mechanical Engineering Technology Abroad

Mechanical Engineer

Studying in foreign university offers a learning opportunity with global exposure, excellent research opportunities and the associated career benefits  for future in mechanical engineering Technology. Given below are some  important reasons why one should consider studying MET abroad and the benefits that it offers. Learning experience. Foreign universities deliver a enormous  range of courses on vivid campuses. It engage students …

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Career Options after doing Masters in Cyber Security

Cyber Security

The danger of cyber attacks has become a growing concern with the world progressively becoming more and more internet reliant. There has been massive increase in the number as well as sophistication of cyber security assault. Cyber threat is also geography and scale neutral. Thus, all the businesses around the globe are in the same vulnerable league. Even the giants …

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What is MET and how is it different from the traditional ME program ?

Mechanical Engineering Picture

Often there comes a time in every student’s career, when they have to choose among best of the options available for further studies. During the admissions process, many prospective engineering candidates are unsure as to which is better among Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) and Mechanical Engineering (ME). Mechanical Engineering is an extensive discipline that a variety of industries use to …

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Reports – 67% Engineers in India can neither ‘walk’ nor ‘talk’ English

Report on Condition of Engineers in India

A Latest shocking reports reveal that 67% Engineers in India can neither ‘walk’ nor ‘talk’ English. This is something strange, but a fact, as the number of engineers are manufactured day by day by engineering colleges we are actually having more quantity of Engineers rather than having quality engineers, and that’s the reason engineering colleges, the government is not focusing on …

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