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Unconventional Interview Questions

Unconventional Interview Questions

Getting a job in India, a country whose job market is known to be on a continuous turmoil is a very difficult task for a first time job seeker. This article talks about various interview cliché questions and how you are supposed to answer them.


We all know the roller coaster ride Indian economy is on at all times, this makes getting a job in metros a very difficult task. However, there are some cities which are known for being an evergreen job market, one such place is Hyderabad. The city pays a modest sum of salary and benefits which are enough to lead a comfortable life in the low expense City of Nawabs.

If you too are one such jobseeker who is looking for an employment source in Hyderabad, know that the number of job vacancies in Hyderabad offers is at par with the metros and are in constant demand irrespective of the country’s economy and so is the salary proposed by the employers.

Irrespective of the city you want to live in or want to work in, you will have to go through the selection process, after making a killer CV when you apply through the easiest way of job application, internet, its turn for you to start preparing for the interview.


Interview Process

Interviews are one of the most crucial parts of a job process. Now that you have made a list of job vacancies in your field in the Hyderabad city, it’s time to start preparing for it. The interview process is the one process that decides whether you will be taken into the job or not. Its preparation requires a checklist from your part. It should include the right dress you will be wearing, practice through mock interviews, research of the company and job role etc.


The most important thing you need to prepare for are the unconventional questions that are not even remotely related to what you have studied or your job, and still plays a major part in your selection process.

Unconventional interview questions

In addition to course or job related questions, there are a lot of questions that cannot be classified into any category, but are still important and in many cases, more crucial than the regular course related questions. These questions can be very challenge, especially early in the interview process, as you aren’t really sure of the personality type a manager is looking for. There is a very thin line in seeming self congratulatory and confident, also from humble to timid.

The questions are always being known to bring out multiple data points which are your type of personality, how certain you are, your perception about yourself, and if your style of work is a perfect fit for the company and the job role.


Some of the trickiest questions and how to answer them

When you type ‘Interview Questions’ on your search engine, you will find various questions that will have no relation with your featured work or the scope of what you have studied in your graduation or post graduation. Irrespective of how inane the questions might sound, they are often the take or leave decision questions. Here are a few examples of such tricky questions and the right way to answer them.

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is one of the most common questions you will come across every time you look for a job, whether first time or the fifth one. The right way of answering it by not taking name of any designations. Customize the answer on the basis of your job sector; responsibilities of a high designation person in the sector etc. say how you want to handle multiple responsibilities down the line.


  1. Why us?

The only way to answer this question is research. If the company has been functioning for a long time, study the corporate. If it’s a startup, do research of the sector. Focus on the growth of sector (add some numeric data), how the company is contributing to the growth etc.


  1. Why you?

Handle this question by giving examples of your skills in the area you have applied in.                          hjfhjfhjj
Tell the interviewer about  the learning you have received for the sector through both institution
and self study. This question provides a right time to you for showing your storytelling and
problem solving skills. Give example of a time when you solved a problem because of your
skill for extra brownie points.


  1. What is your weakness?

This is one of the trickiest questions possible, answer it by using words such as impatience,
particular etc. which are considered a positive trait in a professional. Remember; never tell
your true weakness in an interview.


  1. Give example of a time you solved a problem

To answer this question, use the following format: situation, problem and how you solved it. If it was a team problem, never say bad things about your group, always answer in context of ‘We’ when it was a team effort.
Hope this list of examples was helpful to you. However, make sure you make a note of every question that was asked from you in the interview, so that you can practice them for future interviews. Remember, even if the interview doesn’t end up with a job letter in your hands, you will still have loads of experience.

All the Best. Prepare Well. Be True.


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